Nature Break

2012-12-26_16-01-15_736After an accident earlier this month I didn’t move around much for a few weeks.  It was, I was told, in my best interest to be sedentary and avoid making anything detach or strain or implode.  So, I am happy to be able to get back to hiking and martial practice.

Today was a good day for a long slow contemplative walk.  The forest was quiet and the light subdued.  There is a heaviness in the air as we wait for a rain/snow storm to roll in here tonight.

Many years ago I received a bit of wisdom from an uncle who introduced me to backpacking in the mountains.  His belief was that there is no form of spirituality, no enlightenment or revelation that can’t be experienced and understood by spending time in nature.  It made sense to me then and it still does now.

The weather today encouraged hibernation but it was also easy to be awake out there.

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