Lessons From Cato The Sage

© 2006. Photo: Erich Lessing

Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis


The article linked below is about lessons in life and Stoicism learned from the Roman Statesman Cato the Younger.  While the authors state that you’ve probably never heard of him I suspect that at least some who read this blog have.  If nothing else you may recall him portrayed in the miniseries “Rome” where I thought they did a good job of dramatizing his demise.

Cato, along with Socrates, is one of the figures referenced by the Stoics of antiquity as having the qualities of the ideal Stoic Sage.  While it may be impossible or at least highly unlikely for an actual Sage to appear in this world (much like Buddhas) its safe to say he evidenced many of the Sage’s qualities.  It’s worth at least seeing what he can teach us about handling our own affairs.


One Response to “Lessons From Cato The Sage”

  1. […] professor suggested to read it that way). But thinking about Cato as a Stoic,  a Sage according to some, another interpretation comes to mind. Cato treated meager quantities of indifferents as another […]

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