Stoic Week 2013: A Very Good Forbes Article

Stoic Week has come to a close for this year.  It was nice to see that the event received some decent media coverage.  I didn’t find that much of it was very informative however.  Often the reader was left with no more of a real understanding of the event or the philosophy than at the start.  That might account for a lot of reader comments along the lines of “Huh?  Why would anyone want to be all stiff necked and cold hearted?”.  Now, as the event closes, along comes what I think is one of the best pieces of coverage by far.  It is an article by Carrie Sheffield who contributes to Forbes.  It being Forbes she highlighted managers that have looked into Stoicism.  That was of interest to me given my own entry on Stoic Week and business.

The article is here and I would recommend it to anyone as a quick intro to the Stoic outlook and what the event sought to achieve.

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