New Year’s Day



Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the death of a cat in our household. I was fond of Eloise and was sorry that she died. However, I confess I did not remember the significance of the date until the cat lady in my life reminded me. The event, if not the date, stands out because it marked the beginning of a string of further (and more difficult) events including the deaths of my father and of a dear old college friend. In some ways I am surprised that a year has passed. In other ways it feels like the cat died a very long time ago. It has been a long year.

It has been nineteen days since the beginning of 2016 according to the Gregorian calendar. Of course, any calendar is somewhat arbitrary. If we were Assyrians it would be the year 6766. My ancient Irish ancestors may or may not have believed the year ended in late October. Alternatively, they may have simply seen the end of the harvest season as yet another phase of ongoing endless cycles. My point is that we assign meaning to a given date. Really it is just another morning like any other.

That isn’t to say the assignment of meaning is without its uses. Giving significance to a date allows us to put things in perspective. We can measure our progress towards goals. We can pause to be mindful of one thing or another. We can match our own lives to the patterns of nature. Certainly it spurs us to remember what has been lost or gained since we were last at this spot on a trip around the sun.

Since assigned meanings can be personal as well as collective I think I’m declaring this the actual New Year according to the calendar of Callahan. Who’s to say otherwise? Much has changed this year for good or ill. The world (at least my microcosmic world) seems subtly different. Time to move on to a new cycle.

Once more unto the breach? Better to say onward and upward.

One Response to “New Year’s Day”

  1. Look forward to seeing you on Chinese New Year at the parade. The loud explosions clear the air of all thought, so then you don’t have to think sad thoughts.

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